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Do you really know diving?

  1. Diving is divided into scuba diving and free diving. In short, the former relies on equipment to breathe in the water, while the latter relies on its own ability to conduct closed air diving. Now the popular Mermaid course is also a kind of diving, but TA is generally classified separately~
  2. The three major systems are PADI Aida SSI ~ there are not many requirements for learning threshold, as long as you are over 10 years old and in good health!
  3. For scuba diving, the most elementary open water diver (ow) course can get the certificate in 4 days, free diving in one star and two stars in about 3 days, and basic Mermaid in two days. The certificate obtained does not need annual examination, which is universal all over the world!
  4. Many people ask whether they can learn to dive if they can't swim. In fact, the requirements for water are not so high. As long as they are not afraid of water, it's OK to avoid panic underwater~


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