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1、 Know your body shape

Body shape determines what kind of swimsuit you wear. Measure your maximum hip circumference, minimum waist circumference and the fullest part of your chest for a week. These data determine the size and style of your swimsuit.

2、 Choose the right swimsuit store

There are many swimsuit stores on the market. You can search and compare to find one suitable for you. Of course, if you are not very picky about swimsuit requirements, you can also go to department stores. Many clothing brands have their own swimsuit series products there. In addition, online shopping is also a way, but it is more suitable for friends who already know what kind of swimsuit they wear.

3、 Choose colors and materials that highlight strengths and mask weaknesses

The standard of judging a swimsuit is whether it can develop its strengths and avoid its weaknesses.

4、 Choose the right swimsuit according to its main purpose

If you're going to surf, a thin bikini is not suitable because it's easy to be washed away and very embarrassing. Bikini is more suitable for swimming in swimming pool or lake; The split swimsuit is more firm and makes people feel more secure. Sports swimsuits generally enhance their support through tailoring and fabric selection.

5、 Once you choose the one that suits you, try lifting the shoulder strap close to your ear

If you can reach the earlobe position or slightly lower position, it shows that this one is really suitable for you. (this method is only applicable to competition swimsuit or training swimsuit)