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How much do you know about diving cloth?

  1. Diving cloth, also known as diving material, is a kind of synthetic rubber foam. It feels fine, soft and elastic. It has the characteristics of shockproof, heat preservation, elasticity, impermeability and air tightness. It is widely used in the manufacture of diving materials, so we named it neoprene.
  2. The most common fabrics of diving suits are nylon cloth and Lycra cloth. The central lining is foamed rubber. Therefore, as long as the thickness is the same, the thermal insulation effect of diving suits made of the two fabrics is the same. The difference between the two fabrics: in its surface cloth, one is nylon cloth and the other is Lycra cloth. Lycra cloth has more threads per unit area and dense knitting, so it is more wear-resistant. In addition, Lycra cloth has better elasticity, so the diving suit made of Lycra cloth will not deform.
  3. Service life of two fabrics: the service life of Lycra cloth diving suit will be longer than that of nylon cloth diving suit. The price of two kinds of fabrics: nylon fabric occupies a place in the market, mainly because its price is relatively low. Relatively speaking, the price of Lycra fabric is relatively high.
  4. Non functional choice: because there are many colors of Lycra cloth on the market, Lycra cloth will be a better choice if you want your diving suit to be dazzling in the water. Diving fabric can not only keep warm, but also protect you from scratches, stabs, scratches and so on.
  5. Moreover, diving fabrics have long been used in fashion by many designers, and have gradually become the trend of the new season with excellent plasticity and comfortable touch. From the T-stage to the street, from the stars to the mix and match experts, the appearance rate of diving clothes and fabrics has exploded. Because of the particularity of the material, the clothes made of diving fabric look very textured, and they will not form a silhouette naturally because of people's body problems. For large-sized overcoats, printed pullovers, fishtail skirts, deconstructed skirts, straight waist jumpers, etc., the key is the flat and concise appearance, and the three-dimensional bony sculpture creates a scientific and technological style.