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Washing method of silicone swimming cap

  1. First take out the silicone swimming cap, then squeeze an appropriate amount of washing liquid on your hand for standby, and then scrub the silicone swimming cap with washing liquid. Next, you need to turn over the silicone swimming cap, wash it again in the same way, and then rinse the silicone swimming cap with clean water. swimcap
  1. After use, wash with clean water and dry in the air. Try to avoid stacking together to avoid sticking together.swimcap
  1. Silicone swimming cap can also be slightly cleaned with shampoo or shower gel in a week or two, so that particles will not appear in it for a long time. swim cap
  1. Because the dirty things on the hat are stuck by alum polymer in water. Wash with clean water after each use. If it is dirty, wash with general soap. After washing with clean water, in turn, hang it inside and outside to dry in the air to avoid drying. swimcap
  1. If it is not used for a long time, it can be coated with fossil powder and stored My experience is to use blisters first, then apply toothpaste to wash, and wipe it repeatedly with a cloth. It's like a new one immediately!