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How to Clean Yoga Suit?

  1. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of yoga clothes, otherwise there will be too much dirt on the surface or sweat stains left on the clothes, which will make the clothes smell. Don't wear the newly purchased yoga clothes immediately. First brew them with water and dry them before wearing them. Otherwise, the surface contains chemicals in the production process, which may affect your health.


  1. Add color fixing agent on the surface of yoga clothes to avoid color fading when washing. If you have it at home, you might as well add it when you first buy it back. For daily cleaning, hand washing with cold water is the best. If not, put it into the washing machine and wash it in reverse, because it can avoid surface damage.


  1. When cleaning, the dark and light colors must be separated, otherwise the dyeing will be difficult to deal with in the later stage, which may lead to the direct scrapping of clothes. If the clothing fabric is relatively high-end and not suitable for washing, it is recommended to take it to the dry cleaner for cleaning, or use the correct cleaning method on the sign.


  1. After cleaning, pay attention to drying. It's best not to hang it in the sun for too long, nor hang it in a windless place to dry slowly.