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How to maintain the goggles, fins and snorkeling appliances before and after use.

  1. Stretch all rubber belts before diving to look for possible cracks, especially the rubber belt with sleeve feet. Cracks mean that it is likely to break. If you do find this situation, please replace the tape immediately.
  1. If you use the mirror belt, please remove it first, and then carefully check whether the original rubber belt of the mirror is firm.
  1. Next, check the silicone on the skirt of your face mirror, the flexibility of the snorkeling pipe, and the stretching bite. The most easily damaged part of the mirror is the edge seal of the lip. Due to frequent use and wear, it is easy to make the mirror water.
  1. Finally, check all buckles that may have cracks, whether there are cracks or blocked by garbage, which will affect the use. Check the edge of your face mirror and other obvious places, especially the parts connecting the lens.
  1. After diving, in order to avoid mildew, wash your face mirror, fins and snorkeling tube with warm fresh water, and let them dry thoroughly before packing. When packing, do not fold your fins, crush the parts of your flippers, or twist fried dough twist into a twist. If you don't pay attention to these details for a long time, it's easy to deform.